Revolution in eyebrow tinting

Unique technology of SPA-tinting eyebrows
with a tattoo effect

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Henna SPA Technology

Spa-tinting for a maximum result

  • Today eyebrows are not just a fast-developing trend, they are a great opportunity for beauticians.

    There are a variety of services aimed at transforming this important facial feature: shaping and tinting eyebrows with a colourant or henna, microblading, eyebrow make-up and many others.

    Henna Spa went beyond the existing range of services and developed an innovative technique of spa-care and tinting eyebrows with a tattoo effect in one treatment.

    Henna tinting helps to make eyebrows more expressive, disguising gaps in plucked or receding eyebrows and the spa-care makes it possible to achieve a maximum result from tinting, it makes the effect from the treatment last longer as well as strengthens and protects the hairs and skin.

  • TWO products
    in ONE pack

    When you buy Henna SPA, you get the second product – Mineral Solution – absolutely free.

    Aqua HennaSpa is a special mineral solution used for mixing with Henna SPA.

    Aqua Henna Spa is included in the pack with Henna SPA.


7 wonderful shades of Henna

An easy-to use set with seven
cold-to-warm colours

7 simple steps

to ideally looking eyebrows

    • 1
    • Step 1. Cleansing and removing oil from skin using HennaSpa Lotion.
    • 2
    • Step 2. Scrubbing with HennaSpa.
    • 3
    • Step 3. HennaSpa shampoo will help to prepare the hairs for tinting, by opening skin scales.
    • 4
    • Step 4. Mix the Henna powder with the special Aqua HennaSpa mineral solution and let it stand for 5-10 minutes.
    • 5
    • Step 5. Evenly apply the Henna by gently rubbing in and leave for 15-20 minutes.
    • 6
    • Step 6. Carefully remove the mixture using a damp cotton pad.
    • 7
    • Step 7. Complete the treatment by applying a special reinforcing solution to make the tattoo effect on the skin last longer.


Henna Spa DOES NOT CONTAIN lead or ammonia and DOES NOT REQUIRE hydrogen peroxide.

Spa-products range

to use in Henna SPA technology

  • Scrub

    Removes dead skin cells from the skin and stimulates the growth of new ones
  • Professional
    Deep cleanses the hairs of eyebrows, opening the scales for better colour setting
  • Fixing fluid

    Helps to reinforce the colour on the skin to make the tattoo effect last longer
  • Anaesthetic

    Helps to reduce the pain during hair plucking at the correction stage
  • Cleanser

    This product cleanses and disinfects skin
  • Colour remover

    Used to correct and remove excessive colourant from skin
  • Mineral solution

    This solution is mixed with Henna to prepare the mixture
  • Restoring
    This product helps to restore over-plucked eyebrows
  • Henna in capsules Henna Spa (10 pcs)
    One capsule contains exactly as much pigment as is necessary for full coloring

Eyebrow tinting training

using Henna SPA technology

As any treatment, Henna SPA requires correct application and use of products to achieve a maximum effect and a lasting result.

The company recommends completing a course of training and will share all of the secrets of SPA treatments and ways to create ideal looking eyebrows with Henna SPA.


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